Nadia F.

I was getting to that stage where my event happened a while ago that I wasn't sure if my review would still be relevant or not.  But I have to give credit where credit is due and I couldn't not give Vivian the accolade she deserves.  

I wasn't planning on getting my hair and make-up done for my wedding, being a no make-up person in my daily life.  But my sisters convinced me otherwise and through the help of Yelp, I came across Vivian.  Fortunately, she was available the day I needed her.

Everything went smoothly the day of the trial and the actual wedding day.  There was a relaxed vibe with Vivian from the moment I settled into the chair and she is so easy to talk with that the time just flew.  

One thing I would advise you though is to try and get your trial done during the day when it's still light out.  I had my trial after work and though we started when it was still pretty light, it was dark by the time we were done and it was a bit difficult to gauge whether the color scheme was working or not.  I wasn't quite satisfied with the color of my blush and lipstick, but because Vivian is so receptive to what her client wants, with her deft hands, she made adjustments the day of the wedding that turned out perfectly.  Besides, Vivian comes with a very colorful makeup palette that coming up with just what you want shouldn't pose a problem.

I found Vivian to be very responsive, especially by texts, and she showed up when she said she would.  This is very helpful when you're trying to minimize stress on your wedding day.  As we all know, everything is scheduled the day of the wedding, so having everyone and everything fall into place is always a plus.

I really loved the airbrush makeup the day of the wedding (regular foundation only during the trial).  It smoothed my face out and I found it long-lasting.  Another plus is Vivian gives you a goody bag to take with you to your ceremony/reception that comes in very handy for touching up (no shine!) and other emergencies that might pop up (hopefully none!)

I really wish I could go to another occasion where I would need Vivian's services again.  I would call her in a heartbeat.  By the way, my profile photo is me on my wedding day as enhanced by Vivian.  She made my stick-straight hair voluminous and sexy. 

Brittany D.

Vivian Tran is so talented!  I cancelled my hair appointment due to time constraints, and she was more than willing to do my hair as well as my makeup.  My hair is really flat, and the way she curled my hair lasted the entire wedding. I've never had my makeup done before and it was such a wonderful experience. Vivian is so attentive to what makes you comfortable and how you want to look. I was so happy with everything she did I didn't need her to change anything, even though she asks you to let her know what she needs to change. I received compliments on my hair and how beautiful I looked the entire night. Her airbrush make up lasted all night. Knowing she was going to get my look together made the day leading up to the wedding stress free and enjoyable. Her technique, products and service are all high end and worth it.

Tanya L.
I had the joy of watching Vivian work twice now. She listens to what you want and openly asks you what you don't like. After my makeup was done she said, "tell me whatever you want me to change. It's not my face, it's yours so it won't hurt my feelings." It's helpful when you're a people pleaser and would feel bad otherwise. 

She took roughly 50 minutes for my bridesmaid makeup and another 50 minutes for the other bridesmaid too. With hair it would be another 30 minutes or so. I've seen her do bridal makeup and that took her longer. I'm sure it depends on what you want. 

A bonus, she comes with music! She'll play music on her speakers and get you in the mood for whatever it is you're getting dolled up for.


Lynard G.
I was looking for a make up artist for my sorority formal and I asked my friends if they knew anyone. One of my friends recommended Vivian. I'm very particular about who does my make up, so I was weary at first. 

Vivian was very professional and personable. She knew exactly how to apply make up that worked well with the shape of my face. I was a little reluctant because of her pricing, but I'm so glad I decided to go with her. She's the best make up artist that has ever worked with my face. I've had my make up done by other artists who offered a better deal, in regards to price, but I definitely didn't walk away as happy. There is a noticeable difference in Vivian's quality of work. I will refer my friends exclusively to Vivian for future events.

Jennifer L.
I was shopping around to find a make up artist for a special event I was going to attend. These days, I feel like there's so many make up artists on Yelp and Instagram, that it can be a bit daunting to figure out who to go to! 

I've contacted a couple of make up artists I found through Instagram and Yelp before, but never really felt that I got the results I was expecting. I'm very particular when it comes to my makeup, and I found that make up artists in the past have kind of ignored my requests and stuck with what they're used to --- super dark and dramatic makeup that I specifically said I did not like!

I came across Vivian Tran's Instagram and saw all the wide range of looks that she was able to do. I took a leap of faith and decided to contact her --- and I'm so glad I did!!

Vivian was super down to earth and listened to everything that I had to say. She didn't have that snooty makeup artist vibe that I got from other artists in the past (ladies, you know what I'm talking about!) I told her how I wanted my makeup done, and the results were even better than I imagined! My makeup was definitely ON POINT and I was getting compliments all day and night! I would definitely recommend Vivian Tran!

Tanya S.
I needed to book a makeup artist ASAP for a maternity photoshoot and found Vivian here on Yelp.  
She was really great to work with!  Very nice and professional.  I asked her for soft curls and natural makeup and that's exactly what I got.  My photographer loved the finished look as well!  I will definitely book Vivian for any upcoming events.  Thanks Vivian!  Love  your work!

Ngoc P.
Had Vivian do makeup and hair for my mother in law and myself this past weekend to go to a wedding. Results were perfect and amazing. She came to our location early in the morning. Used airbrush makeup and it lasted 17 hours for both of us. Would definite hire her again the next time are in town for another formal party! Such a nice person and very easy work with.

Avni P.
Vivian did a beautiful job! She did my makeup for my graduation and she did a flawless job. Typically, I am very very picky with my makeup but luckily she uses the same foundation brand as me!( Bobbi brown)  She was very kind and understanding and knew exactly what I wanted! The only problem I had was the airbrush made me break out although I did have the makeup on for 15+ hours so it was understandable. She used great quality products.

Tammy P.
Vivian is a true artist and professional. Vivian listens to what you want and doesn't have an ego about it.  She has so many styles she that can incorporate to enhance your beauty.  She can go natural to rock star with a few mastery brushes!

Kisses M.

Vivian is such a wonderful person! She was easy to talk to and easy to contact. I had my hair and make up done for my baby shower and I specifically requested for a natural/simple look and she did just that! I don't wear make up on a daily basis so it was very important for me to have "less" make up on. My hair stayed curl the whooole time - fish braids with curls. I just sent her pics before our appointment and she already got what look I was aiming for. Thanks again Vivian!!!

Ari S.
Vivian is such a talented and awesome makeup artist, plus she is a joy to work with. She comes with recommendations and knows exactly what to do to achieve your ideal look, but at the same time she is ready to listen to requests and isn't pushy about her opinions. I was especially impressed because as an African-American, it can be difficult to find a makeup artist who knows how to match your skintone, contour, and make you look bright (not ashy). 

I highly recommend Vivian!

Sarah L.
I've been following Vivian Tran Makeup for years and I love every photo and minute I get to spend with Viv. She has taught me so much about makeup products and application. Time flies when she does my makeup because she pays attention to detail and does not cut corners. Her blending skills are amazing!! So friendly, helpful and patient! She works with me to make sure I get the look I want (but better!) with flawless coverage with longevity. I've had the pleasure of having Vivian as my makeup artist for a couple photoshoots and will be coming to her again for future events.

Kathy L.
There are not enough words to express the talent that Vivian Tran has when it comes to makeup. She understands makeup, skin, and what you want to embody as a woman. She has been doing my makeup since high school and there is no one I trust more to do all my makeup events and someday my wedding. You will never go wrong and never be disappointed. Booking her, as your makeup artist is the first step you can take to looking and feeling beautiful. She works with you and makes your vision come to life!

Vickie G.
Vivian Tran is amazing at what she does! Not only does she have a passion for everything hair and makeup, she has a real talent for it. Vivian did my hair and makeup for an engagement photo shoot my fiance and I were doing. I had a general idea of what I wanted and through her creativity and attention to detail she gave me a look that I completely loved. You will not regret hiring her!!

Jackie N.
Vivian Tran is versatile in her technique and is very accommodating to every type of look. Whether it is a formal occasion, casual event or just a simple consultation for every day tips she has been my go-to girl for the past 5 years. She understands that no face is the same and understands what works for each individual.  She uses her magic to bring out their best attributes. She's extremely talented and gives wonderful customer service and understands how to work with what you're envisioning. Highly recommended to anyone who's looking for a flawless transformation.